How to Refurbish Your Garden with Wooden Furniture and Concrete Edging


Are you looking to give your garden an uplift? Refurbishing is a great way of making improvements while adding your own unique charm. Whether it’s wooden garden furniture, concrete edging or other decorative elements, there are lots of ways to revitalise your outdoor space and make it look brand new.

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Why Choose to Refurb Your Garden?

A newly-refurbished garden can not only improve the aesthetic value and appeal of your home, but also add monetary value. Even simple changes such as replacing old wooden garden furniture with modern alternatives can create a fresh look that will impress guests and passersby. This type of remodelling can be much more cost effective than reworking the entire structure, so it’s definitely worth considering.


How Can Concrete Edging Add to a Garden?

Concrete edging is a great way of adding definition and structure to your garden, creating boundaries between lawns and flower beds and giving the area a neat, well-defined look. It also helps keep plants contained and makes mowing easier, meaning less time spent on maintenance. Installing concrete edging can give an overall polished appearance that will compliment wooden furniture or other decorative elements you add in later.


What Garden Furniture Should You Choose?

The type of wooden garden furniture you choose for your refurbishment can depend on several factors such as budget, personal taste and weather conditions. If you live in an area with frequent rain and strong winds, wooden furniture made from hardwoods such as teak or oak is more likely to withstand the elements. For a lighter look, rattan or bamboo garden furniture may be preferable. Additionally, wooden benches are great for creating additional seating and open plan living areas.


What Other Ways Can You Refurbish Your Garden?

Once you’ve got your wooden garden furniture and concrete edging in place, there are plenty of other options for refreshing your outdoor space. Installing decorative lighting can add atmosphere when entertaining in the evening and hanging baskets filled with flowers can brighten up shady spots and give colour throughout the year. Putting down gravel pathways or installing new fencing can also help create an inviting outdoor area that everyone can enjoy.



Refurbishing your garden is the perfect way to give it a fresh and modern look without having to do too much work. With wooden furniture, concrete edging and decorative additions such as lighting or gravel pathways, you can create an outdoor space that you’ll be proud of for years to come. So take the plunge and start refurbishing your garden today!